Buhurt World Championships 2022

Medieval combat sport World Championships coming to Hämeenlinna 9.-12.6.2022

Press Release 14.7.2021

World Championship tournament of medieval combat sport (buhurt) will be held in Hämeenlinna 9.-12.6.2022. Tournament is organized by the sport’s Finnish roof organization Medieval Combat Sport Finland (MCSF) in collaboration with the International Medieval Combat Federation (IMCF). The event is one of the most significant events in the Hämeenlinna area in terms of economic impact.

The world championship tournament gathers together about 1000 international athletes and support crew from over 20 countries worldwide. In the tournament, there will be different medieval combat sport competition categories in both men’s and women’s leagues. Biggest tournament category is men’s 16 versus 16. We expect to have Finnish representatives in each competition category.

Beside the tournament program, there will be a medieval marketplace and other medieval-themed activities. Watching the tournament requires a ticket but entering the marketplace is otherwise free. Ticket prices and tournament schedule will be published closer to the event at the tournament’s website: www.imcf2022.org 

The world championship tournament is supported by e.g. the City of Hämeenlinna and the Finnish National Museum. Sponsor, marketplace vendor and volunteer worker searches are already open. 

Medieval combat sport (buhurt) is a full-contact sport in which athletes compete against each other in medieval replica armors using blunt weapons such as maces, axes and swords. In duel categories, the winner is defined by points gathered by strong hits to the opponent. In mass battles, the main goal is to make your opponent team’s fighters fall to the ground using e.g. wrestling, strong strikes and throws. 

More information:

Risto Järvinen, marketing and communications, 0400 776 155 or info@imcf2022.org 

Medieval Combat Sport Finland (MCSF) was established in 2014. Its main goal is to work as the roof organization for medieval combat sports in Finland. Under supervision of MCSF there are a total of eight local clubs and about 200 active members. MCSF forms each year a new national team which takes part in international world championship tournaments and is led by a named national team captain. Finland’s best rankings in world championships are women’s gold 2019 (3 against 3) and men’s bronze 2019 (5 against 5). 

www.mcsf.fi (MCSF) / www.medieval-combat.net (IMCF)

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