Hakkapeliitta WMFC First Class Tournament

Hakkapeliitta is Scandinavia’s first ever WMFC tournament held in the beautiful city of Tampere August 20th 2016. The tournament is organized by MCS Tampere and MCSF with the help of many Finnish sponsors.

WMFC (World Medieval Fighting Championship) is all about international medieval sport in which fighters take on each other in 1v1 tournament. The exact rules of the tournament will be published soon in this Facebook event.

The event’s age limit is 18 and ticket prices are 13,5€ (beforehand) and 15€ (from the door). Tickets are sold beforehand in and

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How to participate as a fighter or sponsor?

We are still looking for a few fighters to fill in the last spots in the tournament.

If you are interested in participating the tournament as a fighter, please send your open application and further questions to (Finnish fighters).

Hakkapeliitta is also looking for more sponsors to help us make this event the best so far in the scene of HMB in Finland. We are offering different sponsor possibilities for all kinds of businesses and other organizations. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact the main coordinator Tero Oksala ( or 044-5749886).

For instance, we offer our sponsors many marketing slots in our publications, individual representation of each sponsor on our Facebook page and website (still under construction) and other great possibilities to shine. Just call us and let us create a suitable sponsoring combination for your organization.

Additional information

Finland is the fastest growing nation in HMB (Historical Medieval Battle) and in this tournament you will see how tough the international level of the sport is.

We will be here to help you with all your questions to make all things as easy as possible – all you need to do is prepare yourselves for the big fight night!

For rules and regulations of the tournament, go check

Battle of the Nations 2016 LIVESTREAM

Battle of the Nations world championships live stream can be found here:

Team Finland will participate in fights throughout the event. Watch the action from a safe distance in your home!


Team Finland in Battle of the Nations, 5th – 9th of May 2016

Team Finland will be attending the HMB Championships, Battle of the Nations, for a third year in succession. Unlike the previous years, however, we won’t be able to do live coverage so here’s everything you need to know to hop in. We’ll be making make small updates from the trip to this post, so make sure to like this post to catch them, as well as share and follow our page for future news and report from the trip afterwards.

For the ones not so familiar with the sport here, you can catch up easily here (only in Finnish):

Official teaser:

This year, the team is more experienced, organised, better-equipped and bigger than ever with almost 30 fighters participation, in addition to our essentially important supporting group. We’ll be having three full 8-man 5v5 teams, as well as a women’s 3v3 team in addition to two triathlon-fighters. The preparations are practically finished, with the the teams’ last training day held successfully previous weekend and equipment already packed for transport.

The management of the team has been done more professionally than before, with organised accommodation, transport of equipment and tents by road, professionally done and standardised tabards and even a bit of luxury, too: a dedicated trained masseur will join the team during the trip.


Want to get Medieval Combat Sport Finland logo t-shirt and support Team Finland and development of the sport directly? Send your order and size via e-mail to for payment instructions. Deadline for orders and payments is May 13th 2016, after which we’ll print and ship the shirts as soon as possible (25€ shirt + shipping inside Finland). Custom orders and shipping outside Finland are also possible.

Interested in trying the sport out yourself? Our annual Start-up training camp will be arranged on around August-September and you’re most welcome to join us. Participating doesn’t require previous background in combat sports, good physique or special equipment. During the weekend, you’ll get the chance to try our training methods and fighting in soft gear, as well as with full steel armour and weapons. Send us e-mail or drop a pm to get further info when the date and location are set.


There will be a live-stream thorough the event. A link to the stream has not been provided yet, but we’ll make sure to update it as soon as we get it. On previous years, the streaming has been done via Battle of the Nations’ own Youtube-channel so you can expect to find it also this year:

They’ve also used previously.

We’ll be additionally using one of our members from 5v5 -team 2 (SirLappis) Instagram- and Twitter-feeds to give you some additional updates on the spot. You can find him from the links below:

Schedule for the fights of Finnish fighters will be the following.

Thursday 5.5.
Triathlon (1v1 fights) group stage fights*
Female 3v3 group stage fights

Friday 6.5.
Triathlon (1v1 fights) group stage fights*
Male 5v5 group stage fights

Saturday 7.5.
Male 5v5 group stage fights

Sunday 8.5.
Male 5v5 play-offs **
Triathlon play-offs * / **
Female 3v3 play-offs **

Monday 9.5.
Finals for all categories **

* Probably not in the main stream (secondary stream/camera)
** Only if fighters/teams advance from the previous stages


Finland 1 (5v5)

  • Teemu Laiho (C)
  • Anatolii Shubin
  • Robert Noopila
  • Sasu Silvennoinen
  • Arttu Mikkonen
  • Sami Törmänen
  • Petri Hölttä
  • Teemu Jousi

Finland 2 (5v5)

  • Joni North (C)
  • Lauri Snellman
  • Ami Viholainen
  • Jarno Peippo
  • Janne Lotvonen
  • Tero Oksala
  • Sami Lappeteläinen
  • Eero Saukkonen

Finland 3 (5v5)

  • Miklas Kulmala (C)
  • Sami Hirvisaari
  • Matti Pietilä
  • Joonas Lammasniemi
  • Timo Laakso
  • Tomas Jousi
  • Janne Tankka
  • Teppo Hytönen

Women’s team (3v3)

  • Anni Hiro (C)
  • Roosa Aaltonen
  • Minttu Junnola
  • Sanna Suomela
  • Sara Solar


  • Juhani Salonen (Finland 1)
  • Risto Järvinen (Finland 2)


Rise of the Knights 4

Berlin, Bernau
27 February 2016

Team Norsca fighters: Teemu Laiho, Sami Törmänen, Arttu Mikkonen, Tero Oksala, Anatolii Shubin (RUS), Nikolai Bykov (EST)
Team Norsca supports: Anni Hiro, Aurore Thourault (FR)

Well before the event Team Norsca had gathered a full team, including half of the fighters in Finland plus our trusted Russian, Danish and Estonian reinforcements. Only weeks before the team had two dropouts and couldn’t fill the team before the event, and neither at the event. Even though we didn’t have full eight fighters they were really confident about our team and upcoming fights in our group. In our group where Israeli/Russian team Defense Forces, Austrian/Czech team VgVK Österreich, Switzerland/Chezh team Kettenhunde and UK team Battle Heritage 3 (UK region Mercia).

We travelled to Berlin by plane and in the first night we slept in the sports hall in Bernau. Everything went well even though travelling with armor by plane is not easy task. Atmosphere was really high at the sports hall and many fighters and supporters stood awake to the late night.

Our team was really confident when we entered into our first match against VgVK Österreich, even though we got some problems with armor and barely got 5 men in the lists. We won the first round, but lost one fighter because Anatolii (RUS) got a sword to his nose and almost choked bleeding and our sixth fighter didn’t have a neck rondel. The second round 4 against 5 we managed to win, though I have to say that Heinrich evened out the handicap by waiting at their end, joining the fight only when our guy was free and looking at him. That’s real sportsmanship!

The second match was against the Defense Forces, which we knew that was going to be really hard. Even we got that good movement from first match we lacked skills and got our first defeat 2-0. This team placed second in our group.

Our third match was against Kettenhunde. Unluckily before that there was an extra 30 min break which made us cool down physically and mentally. The fight was really well-matched, but we lacked the required movement and action which we had in the first two matches. Eventually we lost 2-0 both rounds by small numbers. Kettenhunde threw our group to semifinals.

In the last match against Battle Heritage 3 we braced ourselves after those two loses and it was worth it! Team really improved their fighting and we managed to won this match 2-0. Rounds were quite even, specially second round which we won by one man standing.

After all 2016 RotK 4 was a really good tournament where our fighters gathered more valuable experience. Improvement of our fighters was huge compared to the last year as was our action as a team in the lists. I want to thank our reinforcement fighters Anatolii and Nikolai, reinforcement supporter Aurore and Finnish fighters Sami, Arttu, Tero and support Anni for taking part to this event and Team Norsca this year! And I hope to see you and many more Finnish fighters in RotK next year.

Teemu Laiho